When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

The double-edged encouragement/put-downs are accented with a pat on the back. Gradually, the pats linger and move from the shoulders downward. As the subject moves away, he can almost feel the player’s fingers curl to grasp.

The game is now on and the player is in control of the board. More reasons to be with the subject in private are invented. In my case, those reasons ranged from special tutoring in scene study to being his assistant director for a play. Being the assistant meant I was the first to arrive for rehearsal to set up and the last to leave to strike the rehearsal set and turn out the lights. I should say I was the second to the last to leave. The player was there.

The campus was small, consisting of only six buildings. He said he would drive me to my dorm which was only a minute’s walk away. When I said I would prefer to walk, I was told to get into his car. He wanted to go over some notes with me for the next rehearsal. That was the first assault. I broke away, but one of my hands was caught and forced to his crotch. He reminded me I was to present a monologue in class the next day. He hoped he would be able to give me a good grade. I pulled my hand back, said I hoped I’d do well and so needed my rest, got out of the car and walked away. As a result, the critique of my monologue was that I had made all the wrong choices. He made his intentions quite clear.


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