When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

Voices Like Dominoes

The moment something begins to not go well or at least not as planned, an inner voice begins to nag. A single “couldda, wouldda, shouldda” easily becomes of chorus of who did you think you are; what did you think you were doing; don’t you ever think ahead?” and so on. Once they get started it is difficult to turn them off. Every other thing that you can remember that didn’t work out takes the stand to testify against you. It truly is like a line of dominoes caving in on you.

You have to silence them. Remind yourself of all your successes. Tell yourself about all the people who like you and respect you. Tell them to be quiet because they are useless and in the way. Take a moment to breathe. Survey the situation and proceed with a new first step.


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