When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

Dominoes In Relationships

People meet on common ground; proximity; education; career; life experiences. They become friends through communicating on the same wave-length; openness; sharing; consistency. Perhaps of all of these aspects of relationship building, consistency is prime. People like to know what they can expect from someone else. They want to know that this other person will step to the forefront when needed.

When the Summer temperatures reached and stayed in the triple digits, I realized that the water in the bird bath became too hot to be a benefit. I made it a ritual to empty it and refill the basin with cool water every evening between 6.30 and 6.45. The birds now look for me at this time and they line up on a nearby rail fence to await their turn. I watch them enjoy the water from inside the house. Once when I was a few minutes late, one of the robins came looking for me through the window trying to see if I was still coming. How can I ever let them down?

Sometimes we are gifted with friends that we know we can count on without fail. They are with us no matter what. They are golden to us! Several people in Aurora, Colorado discovered the gold they had when their friends literally took a bullet for them. For some it was the last act of friendship and love they will ever do. For some others who survived, the relationship is sealed for the rest of their lives. Two things immediately came to mind that we should all take a moment to ponder: what is it like to be loved like that, and secondly, but more importantly, have I ever loved someone like that? In the interviews, the people who were protected by a fallen friend said they had always known that if push came to shove, their friend would protect them because they had always been on the spot when needed. Heroes aren’t amateurs. They practice everyday in ways that might be overlooked; making the first move; speaking out against an injustice; holding a hand when crossing the street. Notice. Imitate. Count.


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