When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

Dominoes In Action

Action follows speech follows thought. For example, I recently went out to lunch with friends. I sat in the back seat of the car, so I didn’t need to wear my sunglasses. As I took them off, I had the thought that if I placed them next to me on the seat I would forget o take them with me when I got out. I told myself this is what would happen. Sure enough, later that afternoon when I decided to go for a walk I searched for my glasses. I had a clear visual memory of where I had left them; on the back seat of my friend’s car. This was a lesson to me to not only guard my thoughts, but to also take care with what I tell myself. I’m lucky this message was only about sunglasses. Imagine if I had told myself I was going to fail in some endeavor!


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