When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

Elephant Dominoes

There was a story told decades ago about an ailing elephant in the London Zoo. She laid on the ground of her enclosure and refused food and water. The veterinarians were at a loss to help her.

One day a man who heard about this elephant while visiting the zoo asked permission to be let in with her. After considerable consternation, the officials agreed to allow the man to get close to her. He knelt down next to her very carefully and as he stroked her head he whispered something into her ear. The elephant sprang to her feet! She danced and trumpeted about with absolute joy. As the veterinarian in charge led the man away he asked what the man had whispered.

“This is an Indian elephant, so naturally I spoke to her in her native tongue. She was homesick is all.”

“But who are you and how did you know how to talk to her like that?”

My name is Rudyard Kipling.”

One kind word sets the dominoes in action. Sometimes we need to tell it to ourselves just so it gets told. If we speak kindly to ourselves, we are more apt to say kind things to the people we encounter throughout the day. We can be the domino that starts kindness rolling.


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