When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

Knocking Knocks

Oddly enough, knocks get knocked around lot.  There is a plethora of ghost stories that involve a knock at someone’s door that portends a death in the person’s family. In seances, a knock on the table is how a spirit communicates a message to the living. People talk about the school of hard knocks and about the “high and mighty” getting knocked off a pedestal.

On the flip side, a double knock is used as the intro for the first jokes children learn and relish repeating. For some adults this can become painful on the ninety-ninth retelling. For the youngsters such humor provides the first joy of being clever, of making someone laugh; a groan is often even better! Children become conditioned to expect something good to come from a knock. After all, don’t people wish for Opportunity to knock?  Something happens as some of them grow up that teaches them that a knock is something ominous. It’s sad really that laughter loses its innocence as we lose ours. I want to give it another try.


Who’s there?


Domino who?


Who’s there?


Domino who.


Who’s there?






Orange? Who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say domino again!

By the way, when there’s a knock on the table where people are playing dominoes, it simply means a player is relinquishing his turn to the next player since he has no dominoes he can play.


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