When one falls, smile; when they all fall, laugh!

The Open End

In domino lingo the open end is a domino to which another player can play his piece. It’s the only opportunity for a play.

One snowy day in New York a few years ago when I was working at the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue, I ventured out with a co-worker to visit a mutual friend who worked at a store across the avenue. We hadn’t bothered to put on boots for the short walk and the pavement was slippery.

As we began our crossing I told my friend, “If you feel yourself start to fall, don’t grab me. I don’t want to fall with you like dominoes.” In that moment, I slipped on a manhole cover and fell down. I hit hard and slipped again which caused my head to strike the metal disc. It sounded like the crack of a baseball meeting a bat! Somehow I managed to bounce back to vertical. My friend and I were both laughing as I rubbed the back of my head and he asked if I was alright. “Of course I’m fine; I landed on my head. Otherwise I might have gotten hurt, so let’s go!” I joked. I could only imagine how comical I looked, and it made a for a good laugh at myself.

I had made myself an open end. Karma made her play. I lost the round, but I’m still in the game.


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